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The Torch of Progress, Ep. 7 with Noor Siddiqui

Ashley Yates

Join us for episode 7 of The Torch of Progress with Noor Siddiqui, the founder & CEO, Orchid Bioscience, and Co-Founder of Stanford Center for Distributed Trust.

Key Discussion Points:

– Her unconventional educational path
– What she learned from doing a Thiel Fellowship
– How she founded her biotech startup, Orchid Bioscience

Other Ways to Enjoy this Episode:

Podcast – The Torch of Progress, Ep. 6 with Noor Siddiqui, available on Apple podcasts

Transcript – The Torch of Progress, Ep. 6 with Noor Siddiqui

Guest Speaker Noor Siddiqui:

Before Orchid, she taught a class at Stanford on Reproductive Technology, did AI and genomics research with Anshul Kundaje (deep learning for genomics) and Sebastian Thrun (computer vision), started a speaker series called #nofilter, cofounded Stanford’s Center for Distributed Trust, ran a translational group for entrepreneurial researchers in the Stanford AI Lab, and earned a M.S/B.S in Computer Science from Stanford.

Before schooling, she started a digital health company called Remedy, that helped doctors get instant answers from specialists. They deployed their product to doctors and nurses at Harvard affiliated hospitals. She met some of my favorite people through the Thiel Fellowship.

Noor Siddiqui grew up in the suburbs of Virginia, an hour south of Washington, DC.

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